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* Items listed here are entirely fictional. 
If you actually want to buy chess related products, I recommend you visit Chess and Bridge in Baker St, London.

leagueofmayhem2020 Smart Watch


Product Description: 


Limited Edition leagueofmayhem2020 stainless steel Smart Watch inlaid with stylish solid silver logo.  Waterproof, fire-resistant, kevlar-coated and tells the time in 16 languages (English not included).  Extremely tough outer shell, combined with a delicate internal mechanism designed for precision timing, means that you should try really hard not to drop it.

Price: 27 bitcoins or 100,000 Iranian Rials (whichever is greater)

Current Status: Unavailable

Chess Island

Product Description: 

Ever wanted to escape to your own private island?    Build a reputation and invite the world's top grandmasters to an opulent Chess Palace (included) to work on your opening repertoire over breakfast.

Situated between the idyllic beaches of Palawan, Philippines and a beautiful (allegedly dormant) volcano.


Price: £999,999,999.99

Special Offer (Half Price Sale):  Now only 500 million pounds!

Hurry now!  Only 25 left in stock!

leagueofmayhem2020 Weather App



Product Description: 


Combines the Latest Innovations in Satellite Technology with Award Winning Software to set an Industry Gold Standard in Safety and Reliability. 

Premium Version Only: includes Typhoon, Flood and Tornado Warnings.

Predicts the weather in over 190 countries.  Has no issues recognising Palestine.


Accurate within 0.1 °C for Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  You must be in the UK for this feature to work.

Accurate within 10 °C in the UK.  You must be in Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Madagascar or the Democratic Republic of the Congo for this feature to work.


Free 24 hour Customer Service Support.  Lines may be busy between 5am and 11:59pm.

Guaranteed Year 3000 Compliant (subject to environmental protection issues).

Price:  Free to Download

Current Status: Host Website Under Construction