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2nd LOM Knockout Cup

2nd LOM Knockout Cup Chart.PNG

Tiebreak 1: Lower Rated Team Wins

Tiebreak 2: Elimination of Top Board Downwards

Congratulations to HMC for winning the 2nd LOM Knockout Cup!

Thank you to all the Teams who took part!


SGD v H1 (2nd LOM KO Cup) Results.PNG


H1 v PW (2nd LOM KO Cup) Results.PNG
KH v SGD (2nd LOM KO Cup) Results.PNG

Round 1

SGD v BK (2nd LOM Knockout Cup) Results.
PW&O v W&W (2nd LOM Knockout Cup) Result
H1 v RS (2nd LOM Knockout Cup) Results.P
KH v EH (2nd LOM Knockout Cup) Results.P
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