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How to Upgrade (FAQ)

(This page now has it's own FAQ to help existing members upgrade)

How do I sign up to be a Platinum Member?

We’ve made this very simple.  You just need to fill in a form.

Where can I get the form?

Currently, we can’t find any but we expect them to be available shortly.

For more information on this (and other membership types) please refer to section 9 of ‘The Rules’: 



When will they be available?

We are in the process of ordering more forms from the company that supplies them.

You don’t make your own forms?

No, we don’t really like forms, so we prefer to outsource this to other companies.

When is the delivery for these outsourced forms due to arrive?

About 10 days after we send out the order form to request more Platinum Membership forms.

When will the orders forms go out?

We can’t find these order forms either but expect they’ll turn up somewhere.  Probably when we’re not looking for them :)

Isn’t that a bit strange?

Here at the leagueofmayhem, we strongly believe that it’s easier to find something when you’re not really looking for it.  As a bonus, it’s always a pleasant surprise when you find it!

This all sounds a bit chaotic!

Hence our name: leagueofmayhem.  Please stick to asking questions.  This is meant to be a FAQ.

Wouldn't it be simpler to call the other company and request the Membership forms by phone?

We would do this but their contract with us has recently expired.  However, we expect this to be renewed soon.

When will their contract be renewed?

They need to sign a form for this…  

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