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About Us

We would like to thank everyone for their contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic in banding together and helping to keep our chess community alive during this difficult time.   The League of Mayhem was formed for this purpose.  Despite the lockdown and social distancing measures that may prevent us from playing OTB chess matches and competitions for some time, we continue to find ways to stay active, while keeping our club members safe.


We plan to publish an Ebook to be released in May 2021 based on tactics from the games played in the League of Mayhem, our Swiss Rapidplay Tournaments and the September Knockout Event.  This will feature over 1000 positions that actually occurred in the games to be solved as puzzles.  Players' identities will be anonymous and we hope this will be a nice memento of Seasons 1 & 2.  All profits will be donated to the NHS. 



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